Quack's Bakery


Quack's 43rd St. Bakery is the current incarnation of Captain Quackenbushes Intergalactic Dessert Company and Espresso Cafe which had, at one point, been located on " The Drag" in Austin, Texas. We are a full service espresso cafe and from scratch bakery. We continue to provide late night study aids and that early morning caffeine fix our customers crave and hope to do so for for another 30 years! We offer a wide range of desserts that are all made right here in our Hyde Park location.

Not only does Quack's offered delectable pastries, fresh coffee, and deli products, it also offers a locally focused experience where consumers feel individually catered to. Quack's competitors, many of whom appeal to the same demographic, (home–grown residents proud of their roots in their traditions), lack one very important element that Quack's possesses: a quirky personality to complement it's community. A full Quack's experience is more than simply stopping in for a quick snack. It's about the initiation and the immersion into the local culture.

Quack’s line of bakery products grew out of a need to provide freshly baked goods for our customers. All the baked items sold here are made here from scratch. We use high quality, natural ingredients. We do not use frozen dough or mixes. Our bakery products contain no preservatives, high fructose corn syrups or additives. We provide service to many wholesale accounts that elect to serve their customers better quality baked goods in lieu of more commonly available, less expensive commercial products. We invite you to come visit Quack’s. There’s always something new and we’re always evolving!